De La Salle Lady Spikers honor their seniors with the Archer’s Stance.

UAAP UST Tigresses: A Young and Undersized Team | Prepared for the Biggest Challenge of Their Lives

After their UAAP Season 86 women’s volleyball journey came to an end, the De La Salle Lady Spikers showed their appreciation for their seniors with a heartfelt gesture called the Archers’ Stance.

UAAP: Fostering Sportsmanship, Camaraderie, and Excellence in Philippine Universities

The UAAP, which stands for University Athletic Association of the Philippines, is an athletic league in the Philippines. It was established in 1938 and is composed of eight member universities, namely Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, Far Eastern University, University of the East, University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, Adamson University, and National University. The UAAP organizes various sports competitions and promotes sportsmanship, camaraderie, and excellence among student-athletes.


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The University of Santo Tomas (UST) had an incredible start to the UAAP Season 86 women’s volleyball tournament. However, Angge Poyos, the talented rookie Tigress, wants more than just a good start. She expressed her hopes of ending the season beautifully, especially after leading her team to a thrilling victory over La Salle in the Final Four showdown.


For UST, winning the women’s volleyball crown would be the perfect way to conclude the season after a 14-year wait. The last time UST claimed the title was in 2010, with a team that bears similarities to the current Tigresses.

This year’s team showcases exceptional talent, including Cassie Carballo, the league’s best setter and server, and left-handed hitters Jonna Perdido and Reg Jurado, who played a crucial role in dethroning the Lady Spikers.

Perdido, confident in the team’s abilities, believes that they can bring the crown back to España, referring to the boulevard in front of their school’s historic campus. The Tigresses’ young roster, led by the remarkable Poyos, has proven their worth throughout the season. Despite being one of the smallest attack corps in the league, they have compensated with outstanding court coverage and a diverse range of attacks.

UST faced some challenges along the way, including a loss to Far Eastern University (FEU) and National University (NU). However, they maintained their composure and secured the No. 2 seed and twice-to-beat advantage with a victory over La Salle in the final game of the elimination round.

With one of the youngest rosters in the league, UST is eager to prove themselves in the Finals. Their captain and chief libero, Detdet Pepito, is the most experienced player in the team. Pepito expressed their determination to silence the doubters and make a statement right from their first game.

The Tigresses are determined to change the outcome this time, as history repeats itself with their matchup against La Salle in the Final Four. Coach Kung Fu Reyes emphasized the importance of hard work and a stroke of luck in the Finals.

As UST awaits their Finals opponent, they will continue to improve and give their all. The team understands that the key to success lies in their dedication, hard work, and daily repetition.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did the De La Salle Lady Spikers perform in the UAAP Season 86 women’s volleyball tournament?

The De La Salle Lady Spikers had a strong performance in the UAAP Season 86 women’s volleyball tournament. They were the defending champions and had the goal of defending their title for a back-to-back championship. Throughout the season, they showed their prowess on the court and secured several victories.

They were forced to play five sets in one of their matches after taking on the University of the East (UE) in a fierce challenge. Nevertheless, the Lady Spikers prevailed, scoring 25-23, 21-25, 25-17, 22-25, and 15-12 to win. They won the event seven times in a row thanks in part to this victory.

Who is the captain and chief libero of the UST team?

The UST women’s volleyball team’s captain and main libero is Detdet Pepito. At five feet two inches, she was named the UST Golden Tigresses’ squad captain. Skilled at libero play, Detdet Pepito is an important member of the team’s receive and defense units. Her goal is to return the championship to UST, and she guides the team with a strong sense of will.

Who are some of the standout players on the UST team?

Some of the standout players on the UST women’s volleyball team include:

Angge Poyos: A gifted rookie Tigress, Poyos has had a big influence on the group. On the court, she has demonstrated extraordinary talent and leadership, inspiring her team to exhilarating wins.
Cassie Carballo: In the league, Cassie Carballo is considered to be among the top setters and servers. Her accurate setups and strong serves support the team’s offensive approach and overall performance.
Jonna Perdido: A vital component of the team’s offensive is left-handed hitter Jonna Perdido. Her strong attacks and knack for scoring points have been crucial to UST’s successes.
Reg Jurado: Another left-handed batter, Jurado adds power and adaptability to the team’s offensive line. Her capacity to launch potent blows from many angles gives depth.

These players, along with the rest of the UST team, have showcased exceptional talent and skills throughout the season, contributing to the team’s success.

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